Functional Saftey Evaluation Kit
Evaluation Kit

miriac™ EK5744

based on NXP‘s MPC5744P MCU

miriac™ EK5744
The miriac™ EK5744 Functional Safety Evaluation Kit is a platform for evaluation, design and prototyping devices It provides a solid base for custom developments und shows how to use the MPC5744P for devices meeting any of the standards IEC 61508/62061 (SIL1 and SIL2), ISO 13849 categories 1 and 2 and performance levels a-d or similar. A concept study for use according to IEC 61508/62061 SIL3 and ISO 13849 Kat.3 for the MPC5744P and PowerSBC is in work.
●  MCU MPC5744, 2xPower Architecture e400z4 cores
●  PowerSBC 33907 System Basis Chip with Safe State Machine
●  Signature Watchdog
●  Ethernet (10/100MBit)
●  Firmware including test and safety functions usable for applications up to SIL2/Kat.2
Sil1- and Cat.1/24 safe analog inputs, single channel
4 safe digital inputs, single channel
4 safe digital outputs
Advanced Diagnostics on all IOs and Power Inputs
customized firmware
ANopen Safety (CIA304). Safety over EtherCAT, openSAFETY on request
SIL2/3- and cat.32 safe analog inputs (redundant)
2 safe digital inputs (redundant)
4 safe digital outputs (supports redundant use, depending on application)
Advanced Diagnostics on all I/Os and Power Inputs
customized firmware
CANopen Safety (CIA304). Safety over EtherCAT, Profisafe, openSAFETY on request
Additionalfull access to MCU pins; may e.g. be used for additional I/O like the ones provided on-board
Additional field busses, e.g., EtherCAT, Profinet, Powerlink, on request
PLC on request
Basic abstraction layer for bus interfaces (no protocol support)
CPUMCU MPC5744, 2xPower Architecture e400z4 cores, 180MHz, 384KB RAM (ECC), 2,5MB Flash (ECC)
SecurityPowerSBC 33907 System Basis Chip with Safe State Machine, Signature Watchdog, CAN-Transceiver and primary wide input range SMPS regulartors
EthernetEthernet (10/100MBit), may be used as black channel, e.g. for Profisafe/Safety over EtherCAT
other I/O Interfaces2x CAN 2.0B, may be used for CANopen Safety
4 analog inputs, 0..20mA (acc. to ISO61131)
4 digital inputs, 24V (acc. to ISO61131)
4 digital outputs, 24V (acc. to ISO61131)
FlexPWM Ready Outputs
1x RS232
Separate Digital Output Supply with Diagnostics, 24V
Standard JTAG and Nexus AURORA Debug+Trace Interface
Power Supply12-24V System Power Supply (acc. to ISO61131)
GlobalFirmware including test and safety functions usable for applications up to SIL2/Kat.2
API for access to I/O and communication ports, including handling of redundant I/O
852410Safety Evaluation Kit Panther (EKS5744P) MPC5744P@ 180 MHz, 384KB ECC SRAM, 2,5MB ECC Flash Memory, in-cludes power supply, RS232 cable, cabinet for DIN rail