System on Modules
Power Architecture NXP QorIQ-PowerPC
Power Architecture NXP QorIQ-PowerPC

miriac™ MPX2041

System on Module based on NXP QorIQ P2041 CPU

miriac™ MPX2041
The miriac™ MPX2041 CPU Module is the first Quad Core QorIQ™ based SoM by MicroSys. The four e500mc CPU cores in combination with the integrated hardware hypervisor and CoerNet fabric allow completely new designs for control applications. The CoreNet fabric eliminates internal data exchange bottlenecks between the CPU cores. This offers higher performance and safer operation on application level.
●  up to 4GByte DDR3 memory, 64bit with EEC, soldered
●  10 x @ 5GHz SerDes lanes offer a completely new performance range for demanding I/O functions
●  two 208 Pin Zero Force Connectors, that make all I/O and bus signals available to the carrier board
●  High precision RTC
●  Power: 3.3V DC single supply, 24A core voltage regulator
FormfactorMPX-1, 77mm x 66 mm
4 x e500mc cores up to 1.5GHz,
32kB I/D Cache and 128kB L2 Cache per core
1MB CoreNet platform cache with EEC
System Memoryup to 4GByte DDR3 memory, 64Bit, optional with EEC, soldered
Flashup to 512MB NAND Flash
SPI-Flashup to 4MB SPI Flash (boot option)
Ethernet5x 10/100/1000Mbps Ethernet with IEEE® 1588 support
USB 2.02x USB 2.0
SerDes laneshigh speed interfaces supporting various multiplexed options by 10 SerDes lanes @ 5GHz, e.g.
- 2x SATA
- 3x PCI Express
- 2x SRIO or
- 4x SGMII
other I/O Interfacesup to 4x I2C
4x UART (2 pins) or 2x UART (4 pins)
LBC local bus
Power3.3V DC single supply, 24A core voltage regulator
Software SupportLinux
Microware OS-9
others are avialable on request
Temperatureoptional: ext. temp.
842902miriac MPX2041 System on Modulemiriac MPX2041 SoM, P2041@1,3GHz, 2GB DDR ECC RAM, 256MB Flash memoryavailable
844310miriac SBC2041 Development Kitmiriac SBC2041 Development Kit, incl. order#844310, Linux BSP, accessorieson request