System on Modules
MPX - the next generation miriac™ SoM standard

It's not a miracle - it's a miriac™ System on Module

MPX - the next generation miriac™ SoM standard

It's not a miracle - although you might believe in a miracle when you see so much functionality in such tiny dimensions. That is because miriac™ modules are consequently designed to be as small as possible. Nevertheless they are complete industrial processor boards. And they have the excellent quality and reliability that you expect from MicroSys products. miriac™ Modules focus designers of embedded solutions that require

  • shortest Time-To-Market
  • lowest Design Risk
  • life Cycle Management
  • best Price-Performance-Ratio

Just select the best fitting module out of our NXP Power Architecture (QorIQ, i.MX, Layerscape Power PC), ARM or Intel based miriac™ line and purchase a fair-prized starter kit that contains a miriac™ module, an eval-carrier board, a PSU (not part of all sets), firmware, documentation and schematics. Get started immediately designing your final application software. Meanwhile you may define a customized carrier board with optimized dimensions, interfaces and connectors. In most cases carrier boards will require only four layers and are a subset of our evaluation carrier boards. Hasn't the design of your new complex computer board become really easy? And the benefits will last even longer: As our miriacs keep always pace with the newest processor generations your board stays automatically up-to-date. Forget about troubles with discontinued components - MicroSys will handle this for you. Doesn't this sound like a miracle?

Supporting Information

White Papers / Technical Background

MicroSys miriac® MPX System on Modules are designed to operate in harsh operating environments. Some technical background information in this context you´ll find the document MicroSys MPX robustness II 180611 paper here.

icon  MicroSys_MPX_robustness_II_180611.pdf

Clock Signal Quality of SPI and SD-Cards on miriac® MPX-LS10xx Modules. The white paper It provides a guideline for SPI and SD-Card clock signal handling.

icon  MicroSys_SPI_SDC_Clock_Whitepaper_180611.pdf

Smart Control on ARM based industrial system on modules. The current lineup of highly integrated system-on-modules (SoM) with NXP Layerscape and Power Architecture CPUs by MicroSys, feature a custom supervision and power controller. For this purpose, a NXP Kinetis K02 device was inte-grated.

icon  MicroSys_Press_Note_SoM_with_K02_Controller_180126.pdf