Single Board Computer
Power Architecture - NXP QorIQ
Power Architecture NXP QorIQ-PowerPC

miriac™ SBC-T1042

Single Board Computer based on NXP QorIQ™ T1042

miriac™ SBC-T1042
The miriac SBC-T1042 Single Board Computer is a member of a family of NXP QorIQ™ T104x series based complete system solutions by MicroSys. NXP´s T1040/20 and T1042/22 CPUs are the midrange class of the more powerful T2081 pin compatible CPU device.
●  up to 8GB 64Bit DDR4 RAM at 1600MTps, soldered, ECC optional
●  hybrid 32-bit mode to support legacy software
●  temperature sensor
●  All on board supply voltages are monitored by a separate µ-controller.
Dimensionsb:86mm, l:156mm, h:30mm
Cores4x e5500 64Bit @ up to 1.5GHz core frequency
System Memoryup to 8GB 64Bit DDR4 RAM at 1600MTps, soldered, ECC optional
Flashup to 4GB SLC NAND Flash (soldered)
SPI-Flashup to 16MB SPI Flash
Ethernetfour 10/100/1000Mbps Ethernet ports , IEEE Std. 1588 support
USB 2.02x USB2.0 Host/Client OTG support, 1x USB to UART (debugging)
Graphics Controller12 Bit Display Interface
LCD Interface1x DVI-I
other I/O Interfaces1x UART (TTL)
1x JTAG (with COP support)
2 x miniPCIe (x1)
optional: 1 PCIe via edge card connector & 1 PCIe via extension connector
Flash CARD1x microSD Card slot
Power SupplySingle +7 - +24 V power input
Battery1x CR2032 battery (for RTC)
Software SupportLinux
Microware OS-9
others on request
854301miriac™ SBC-T1042miriac SBC-T1042 Single Board Computer, T1042@1.2GHz SoM, 2GB DDR4 RAM, 512 MB Flash Speicheravailable
854310miriac® SBC-T1042 Starter Kitmiriac SBC-T1042 Development Kit, includes order #854301, Linux BSP, accessoriesavailable