Single Board Computer
cPCI Single Board Computer

miriac™ CPC8349

Low power dissipation and high performance SBC

miriac™ CPC8349
The cPCI miriac™ SBC has an auto slot 1 detection and supports hot swapping. The frontside offers two Gigabit Ethernet ports, two USB 2.0 ports and a RS232 port. Internally there is a CompactFlash slot available.
●  3U cPCI CPU Carrier Board
●  MPC8349E based on e300 Power PC Core
●  1260 MIPS (at 667 MHz) integrated DDR Memory Controller
●  Auto Slot 1 Detection
●  VxWorks, Linux, OS-9
Formfactor3U cPCI CPU Carrier Board
CPUMPC8349E based on e300 Power PC Core
1260 MIPS (at 667 MHz) integrated DDR Memory Controller
DRAMup to 256MB DDR SDRAM (ECC supported)
Flashup to 32MB Flash
SerDes lanes64/32 bit PCI
Ethernet2x 1000/100/10 BaseT Ethernet (Front)
USB 2.02x USB 2.0 Schnittstellen (Front)
other I/O Interfaces1x cF-Slot
Power SupplySingle 3,3V
TemperatureStandard Temperature Range 0°..+ 70°C
Extended Temperature Range (option)
Software SupportVxWorks, Linux, OS-9
AdditionalAuto Slot 1 Detection
64/32 bit PCI
Hot Swap supported
834601CPC8349 667/333 MHz, 256MB ECC-DDR, 16MB Flash, 1MB SRAMStI
831501MPE03 MPX Header Pin Adapter Board 208 LinesStI