Microware OS-9

Microware OS-9 for ARM

Microware OS-9® for ARM is a complete solution for real-time applications using ARM architecture based development hardware. MicroSys provides the embedded, real time operating system (RTOS), drivers, development board level solutions, development tools, and middleware, making application development easier and reducing time to market.

Currently supported hardware platforms

  • MicroSys miriac™ SBC6Q, i.MX6Q
  • Atmark Techno Armadillo840, R8A7740
  • Atmark Techno Armadillo440, i.MX257
  • OLIMEX A20-OLinuXino
  • ZYBO, Xilinx Zxnq-7000
  • Atmel AT91 SAMA5D3X-EK, SAMA5D3x
  • WinSystems SBC35-c398Q, i.MX6Q

BSPs with supported CPUs in work

  • Layerscape LSxxxA
  • MicroSys miriac™ SBC53, i.MX53
  • OLIMEX A10 & A13 (MICRO)
  • OLIMEX iMX233-OLinuXino-MAXI, i.MX233
  • Atmark Techno Armadillo840, R8A7740
  • Beagle Bone Black, AM3358
  • Raspberry PI, BCM2835
  • Atmel SAMA5D3-XPLD, SAMA5D36
  • Cubieboard: Board (A10) Board 2 (A20) & Truck (A20)
  • FriendlyARM MINI210, S5PV210
  • FriendlyARM MINI6410, S3C6410
  • Mpression Helio, Cyclone V