Single Board Computer
ARM® Cortex A53

miriac™ SBC-S32V234

The miriac SBC-S32V234 Single Board Computer based on the NXP S32V234 ARM® Automotive Processors family for compute intensive image processing applications.

miriac™ SBC-S32V234
The miriac SBC-S32V234 single board computer is a perfect embedded platform for environment recognition and detection. The system is an excellent means for rapid prototyping purposes or might be applied even for production use.
●  MIPI CSI, the most widely used camera interface in the mobile industry
●  up to dual 1GB 32 Bit ECC DDR3L RAM
●  HDMI Display interface
●  Safety: FCCU and FCCU output supervision unit
●  Video encoder/decoder: H.264, 8/10/12-bit / H.264, 8/10/12-bit, JPEG, 8/12-bit, up to 4 streams
CPUNXP S32V234 CPU: Quad ARM® Cortex® A53 cores at up to 1.3 GHz core frequency
System Memorydual DDR-3 Interface with 2 x 1GByte capacity
Ethernet10/100/1000BaseT NetPHY
LCD Interface1x HDMI-A interface
USB 2.0USB 2.0 console interface on UART0 port
Flash CARD1x micro SD-Card + 1x optional mounted micro SD-Card
Formfactor126mm x 93mm
Power Supply9-15V DC, polarity & overvoltage protection, On/Off power switch
AdditionalMCU supervision circuitry
Real Time Clock
backup battery for Real Time Clock
four user LEDs
four system state LEDs
reset switch
dual boot mode dipswitch
other I/O InterfacesLinFlexD interface on UART1 port
dual CAN-FD transceivers
dual CAN termination dipswitch
mini PCI-Express card slot
octal ADC channel connector
JTAG debug interface
2x 5V/12V fan connector
MCU programming port
Camera Input2x MIPI-CSI camera interface connector
5V/12V supply
Boot deviceeMMC/SD-Card
Software SupportLinux
854901miriac MPX-S32V234 SoMwith NXP S32V234@1GHz CPU, up to 2x 1GB DDR3L RAMavailable
855710miriac SBC-S32V234A Development Systemincludes order# 854901 (MPX-S32V234 SoM with NXP S32V234@1GHz CPU, up to 2x 1GB DDR3L RAM) Carrier Board, Linux BSP, accessoriesavailable

user manual miriac SBC-S32V234 Starter Kit


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