Partners & Membership

Partnerships and cooperations as factor of success

Successful small and medium sized companies are focused and concentrate their activities on their strength.

Teaming up with partners and fruitful cooperations in networks are key ingredients to expand and complete know how and expertise in projects, where own competences and capacities are not sufficient.

Against this background we foster cooperations in a spirt of partnership with companies locally and internationally. This results in product innovations and faster access to specific know how turned into more successful customer projects and solutions.

A selection of our partner network you will find here.

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NXP Semiconductors

MicroSys is member of NXP´s proven partner program. Those partners offer the knowledge and experience to round out the enablement of total system solutions

AEE Aircraft Electronic Engineering GmbH

MicroSys cooperates in the area of avionic systems.

AEE develops, qualifies, certifies, produce,s repairs and maintains customized electronic devices (hard- and software) for the aviation industry.

DENX Computer Systems GmbH

Cooperation in the sector of embedded Linux.

DENX Software Engineering provides software engineering services in the area of Embedded and Real-Time Systems.
The company has a high level of expertise in that area with a strong focus on Open Source Software, especially Linux, but also FreeBSD, NetBSD, etc.

Embedded Office

Embedded Office is an embedded systems specialist with a particular emphasis on safety-critical applications. The company is located in Wangen/Allgäu, Germany and has been founded in 2003.
The µC/OS-II real-time kernel was developed in the 1990's by Jean Labrosse (Micrium). It is used in many different industries. This real-time kernel is particularly popular in the safety-critical environment, because the source code is written in a comprehensible manner and is well documented.

Embedded Tools

Embedded Tools is specialized in the distribution of software and tools for embedded (real time) systems. Additionally support and consulting for system designers and developers are part of the offering.

Free Station

Free Station Inc. was founded in 2002 and is located in Tokyo, Japan. The company is a software developer for embedded system solutions and offers professional services as well. Additionally Free Station distributes software solutions provided by international partners to complement its product portfolio for the Japanese market.
In the cooperation with MicroSys, Free Station distributes the EtherCAT Master Software for the Operating Systems Microware OS-9, Linux and QNX.


Research Partner

fortiss is an institute associated with the Technical University of Munich and as such a full-fledged academic research institute while enjoying the independence granted by its legal form as a non-profit organization.

Our mandate is to facilitate research and technology transfer in software-intensive systems and services, thereby triggering future ready innovation, with a focus on Bavaria. In this role fortiss acts as a technological think tank, bridging the notorious gap between fundamental research in academia and its fruitful implementation in an industrially and commercially feasible context.


When OSADL was founded in 2005, automation industry already realized the chances behind using Open Source software in industrial products.
However, it was clear that the way to go from idea to implementation might involve some challenges. Open Source software is developed in a community - so why not cope with these challenges in a community as well?

The OSADL community identifies and takes care of legal and technical aspects of Open Source software when used in industry, thus helping its members to distribute reliable and compliant products.

Today, OSADL serves its members by providing support in a large variety of topics:

- Collaborative Open Source software projects
- Quality assurance of industrial Open Source systems in OSADL QA Farm
- Legal compliance of Open Source containing products (FAQ, legal assessments, audits, seminars, etc.)
- Networking opportunities at numerous events on Open Source software in industry

MicroSys is OSADL member and glad to contribute to and benefit from the OSADL community.

Technical University of Munich

Research Partner

MicroSys cooperates in the field of innovative avionic systems.


Founded in 1996, Tridem is today know as for its leading hard and software engineering competences. Customers and clients benefit from a team of experts specialized in different subjects of embedded technology and computer science to complement successfully their project resources.

University of Applied Sciences Munich

Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology.

In the field of EtherCAT MicroSys cooperates with the Professors Dr. Fischer, Dr. Seck and Dr. Sommer to support the operating systems Microware OS-9, QNX and Linux on our system platforms.

EtherCAT - Ethernet for Control Automation Technology - is an open high performance Ethernet-based fieldbus system. The development goal of EtherCAT was to apply Ethernet to automation applications which require short data update times (also called cycle times) with low communication jitter (for synchronization purposes) and low hardware costs.

Wind River

Wind River (TM), a wholly owned subsidiary of Intel (TM) Corporation (NASDAQ: INTC), is a global leader in delivering software for the Internet of Things. The company has been pioneering computing inside embedded devices since 1981, and its technology is found in more than 2 billion products. Wind River offers a comprehensive portfolio of solutions for addressing the system-level challenges and opportunities of IoT that is backed by world-class global professional services, award-winning customer support, and a broad partner ecosystem. Wind River delivers the software and expertise that enable the innovation and deployment of safe, secure, and reliable intelligent systems

XiSys Software GmbH

Leading embedded graphics for IoT and embedded system solutions.

XiSys Software GmbH was founded in 1994 and has specialized to provide graphical user interfaces for embedded system platforms. XiBase9, the current product line, supports the operating systems Linux,
Microsoft Windows (TM) und MicroSys Microware (TM) OS-9. It is supported on the processor families like ARM, NXP 68k, NXP Power and ARM (TM) Architecture , Intel x86 compatibles or SuperH and has been successfully deployed in numerous projects around the globe.